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Choosing the perfect Limo Service Company in Dulles, Virginia

Life in Dulles is always busy with constant movement of people from one destination to another so finding a good DC Sedan Service is key. The Limo service provides business men and the general public a comfortable and classy means of private transportation to Washington Dulles Airport. Limo transportation is undeniably luxurious experiences and therefore it is of great importance that you get the best services offered. In a state having so many transportation companies, how do you choose the right service providers? Which red flags should you look out for? Here are a few things to look at that will aid you in making a good decision.

The first is obviously the issue of licenses and associations. Every form of transportation should have a recognized license number. The State issues licenses to all limo companies to allow them to operate legally. Furthermore, you should check if the company belongs to any reputable associations such as the NLA. Check for previous complaints regarding the prospective company with the Better Business Bureau.

It is advisable to employ a limo service company that has a long record in the years they have been in operation. It is difficult to find useful and relevant information about start-up companies in terms of reputation and services rendered. You should make a point to look for comments made by other customers that have worked with your prospective transportation company. The finest limo companies operate using experienced drivers and managers. Experienced personnel are always in a better position to tackle any situation that may arise during your travel

Limo service companies that offer private transportation to Washington Dulles Airport usually operates on a 24-hour basis. Airport transfers are quite common in the capital and therefore dispatchers should be always prepared. Overnight emergencies may arise and therefore their services must always be accessible.

The fleet size of the prospective limo service company is also a key factor that should be considered. The number of vehicles does not necessarily depict the quality of services offered but will provide useful insight. Small companies are popular in offering personalized services as they often specialize in one line of business such as airport transfers. Big sized companies possess a wide variety of vehicles from stretched limousines to town cars and are therefore in a better position of handling corporate accounts.

Always remember to carry out driver screening. The law states that a chauffeur hired by limo company must take a drug test. Reputable companies go as step further to run criminal background checks on their employees before hiring. New drivers are required to have a clean record in driving and be conversant with the area operated by their companies.