Airport DC Transportation

Setting out to travel in DC? Worry not, the options are plenty!

Whether you are a resident in the United States of America or an international tourist, getting around in the capital of USA, Washington DC is very easy and efficient using public transportation and or finding DC airport transportation. Although using your own vehicle has its own comfort and thrill the congested traffic, expensive parking and sky-high fuel prices can often be troublesome. There are about 6 options to chose from when it comes to traveling in Washington DC.

DC Circulator
It is one of the cheapest options for tours in Washington DC. It charges $1 and travels around specific routes and a fixed schedule covering major attractions and popular neighborhoods in Washington.

Metrorail is a rapid transit system in Washington with 5 lines and 86 stations in all. Affordable fare structures make it the second busiest transit system in the US. The minimum fare is $1.35, although it increases for longer distances and during rush hour.

Large maps are posted at each station and Station Masters are very helpful if you get confused. Smoking and eating is prohibited and there are escalators and elevators in each station.

It provides connections for locations not covered by Metrorail, over 300 buses covering 12,216 stops. The eco-friendly design of these buses combined with the large connectivity has led to its success. While for the tourists should find the Metrorail sufficient to get around attractions, locals prefer Metrobus. Stops are marked by red, white and blue sign posts.

Taxis, rental cars
They are plentiful in DC, in fact DC has the highest taxi-citizen ratio in the country. The fare structure may seem confusing to first timers since it is based on zone system rather than the metered system, but with time you get used to it. Major car-rental are present, especially in Airports, but the radically changing charges and high fuel cost make it a little less popular than the other options.

Walking and cycling
It is no doubt the best way to experience Washington. The city’s wide sidewalks make tours in Washing DC on foot easy while you soak in on the ambience of museums, theatres and gardens in the neighborhood. Cycling is widely used as a common way to stay healthy and move around places, in order to make traveling larger distances possible, buses and metro encourage bicycle commuting by allowing riders to bring their bikes free of charge in the metro and with bike racks in buses.

Apart from the metro, there are 2 commuter trains from DC to Maryland and Virginia. Fares vary from type of seating to the distance of the commute. Tourists can explore the options of several special tour packages.